People have loved fine wine for centuries, and professionals keep finding ways to make the wine even better. Nowadays, there are several types of wines which are customised to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences. In Bungendore, good wine is highly appreciated, and therefore several investors have ventured into the vineyard and winery business. Here are the most famous vineyards and wineries in Bungendore.

Lark Hill Winery

Lark Hill is a family-owned business that is located on Joe Rock’s Road. The winery has a restaurant and a cellar door where clients go for wine tastings. The cellar door is open from Thursday to Monday and customers are required to make a reservation before heading over to the winery. Bookings can be made online making it super convenient for most customers. Online ordering is providing room for few customers at this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lark Hill Winery offers its clients a chance to join a wine club where wine is sent to the clients at a discounted price. Joining the club is also quite straightforward because the instructions are online.

Affleck Vineyard

The vineyard was established decades ago around the 1970s and is still loved for the tasty wine produced from the grapes. On the establishment, there are over seven types of grapes planted, including; pinot noir, semillon and chardonnay. Not only is the vineyard itself beautiful to look at, but also the surrounding area is quite eye-catching. The vineyard is located on the edge of the Lake George Escarpment; therefore, people frequent the location to have a tasting and also appreciate nature.

Domaine Rogha Crois

Domaine is known for making wines which are of modern taste but also retain a traditional touch. For over a decade, the vineyard specialised in growing grapes for other brands, but now it has its winery. The wine from Rogha Crois has been rated among the best wines produced by several critics in Australia.