You are free to visit the winery and vineyards. You can learn more from the owner. Most people prefer summer visits or during special events like wine tasting. It’s an excellent chance to sample the various wine collections and promote the winery. Vineyard owners are charming, and you can get free wine.

Tips When Visiting a Winery

First, learn the winery etiquette. Be friendly and patient. The owner may be doing something, but don’t rush them. Winemaking is a delicate process.

Pack a Wine Carrier

You can get one from the local store. Why? People always come back with wines, so it’s best to be prepared. Expect to buy something when the wine tasting experience goes perfectly. Carrying a wine box ensures you drive peacefully without the rattling of bottles.

Have a Designated Driver

Wine tasting can leave you tipsy, and you will need someone to take you home. Dozens of tour companies will guide you and ensure you have an enjoyable experience.

Visit Early Especially During Weekends

Chatting with other wine lovers is exciting, whether they are owners or enthusiasts like you. In most cases, winemakers are busy in the afternoons or evenings. Therefore, you may not have time for a chat.

Focus Your Visit on Smaller Wineries

Larger wineries are often packed with wine lovers. Smaller wineries give you ample time to interact and learn. Feel the passion for winemaking. Spend time with owners as you explore different wine tastes.

Be Polite

When visiting a winery, whether small or large, be friendly. Remember, they are giving you wine tasting lessons for free, so show them respect. Enquire about the vineyards and grape options. Taste the regional specialties in Bungendore. Ask questions politely. For instance, ask about the best seasons and dishes that pair well with wine. Asking questions shows your interest and makes the owner happy and appreciate their work.