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Laser Beam Used to Control Birds – Agrilaser

Anthony | March 7, 2016

As you may has seen vineyards all over Australia have been busy putting nets over the vines for the last few months to keep the birds out of our precious grapes. This is so we can enjoy the best quality wines that Australia can offer, free of disease and bird damage. For those vineyards that are lucky enough to not have neighbors, air guns are often used to scare the birds away as a cheaper alternative, however that will not work well for us with horses in the surrounding paddocks.

The great news is we are the first vineyard in Australia to trial the Agrilaser Autonomic technology that was sent all the way from the Netherlands. It uses a laser beam to project what appears to be a large stick moving through the vineyard. The laser beam is not harmful to animals or birds eyes and as such there is no actual risk to the health of the bird.  The great thing about this technology is I will no longer have the sad job of walking through the vineyard and finding trapped and distressed birds stuck in the nets. They will simply go to somewhere else to find food and our precious grapes will remain untouched by birds.


It also means without the white nets covering up the vines, I can keep maintaining the vineyard so it always looks beautiful. Not only does this mean it looks pretty but we can produce even better grapes as they will get lots of fresh air flowing through the canopy reducing the pressure of disease and so the 2017 vintage could be even better than 2016 (I hear you, how is this even possible).

Then of course there is the totally cool factor that at dusk, dawn and on foggy days I have a 300 meter long light saber from star wars zooming through the vines that makes the vineyard look like a  rock concert!!

We have only had the laser beam installed for a few days so still busy doing some adjustments to the configuration and we still need to do some monitoring to assess if it will be a viable long term replacement for the nets, however the observations so far is it is very effective in disrupting the birds and sending them elsewhere to play.

Here is a link to the youtube channel with time lapse videos of the laser in action.


If anyone is interested in understanding more about the technology or simply wants to make a time to come see the light show in action feel free to contact us directly.