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Testing the Riesling for Bottle shock

Winter Pruning

Anthony | June 17, 2015

The pruning for this year is almost complete and we are down to the last block (Pinot Noir) which is always complicated to prune as it tends to grow a bit more like a wild weed.

This year a big thank you goes out to Pete (Dad) for his hard work and for only cutting four of the cordon wires this year.

Also a shout out to Meryl and Simon that have been touring Australia from Northern Ireland. They have been staying with us for the past few weeks helping complete the pruning, other vineyard maintenance and hanging out with the vineyard dogs.

Pepper and Ace sure have been enjoying the special attention from them both!

Testing the Riesling for Bottle shock

Testing the Riesling for Bottle shock

We can’t wait to see the vineyard spring back to life again at the end of the Antarctic Vortex Winter